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Valintry Provides NP PA CRNA and MD Healthcare Staffing nationwide


VALiNTRYhealth Staffing is led by Joe Parris, Ron Murphy and Carla Wright. From their roots recruiting therapists for one of the largest outpatient therapy companies in the USA (NovaCare), to one of the largest healthcare contract and travel therapy companies (Reflectx / Maxim), this team brings their award winning talents to lead VALiNTRYhealth.

Over her years of experience, Carla, Joe and Ron have built relationships with the largest rehab companies, best hospitals, and most respected physician groups in the United States. Their reputation means everything. VALiNTRY understands that this is important to you, too.



We encourage you to review our VALUES. These guiding principles aren’t merely cliche, vague concepts to us. We “take the values off the wall” every week and discuss how we can strive to live our VALUES in everything we do each day. After all, we expect our Consultants and Clinicians to represent us well to our Clients and their Patients. VALiNTRY should live up and exceed similar standards that our Clients expect.

We encourage you learn about the VALiNTRY story.


Disciplines Served by VALiNTRY Healthcare

Why VALiNTRY Healthcare?

1.) We reduce your stress

Our experienced team understands that the patients always come first. You chose healthcare as your career not because of a paycheck or job security, but because of the positive impact you have on your patients each and every day. That being said, when it’s time to move, change jobs, or graduate it can be daunting to even think about changing jobs. Studies show that a career change is one of the most stressful events in our entire lives. When you work with a Values-based firm like VALiNTRY, we assume a lot of that stressful burden of searching for a new job that is right for your skills, experience, and preferences. We’ll polish and update your resume, present your privatized profile to our Clients, set-up and prepare you for interviews, negotiate the salary and benefits on your behalf, and help you get ready for your first day in your new job. Best of all, this costs you nothing! You can focus on doing what you do best – provide outstanding patient care.

2.) We protect your privacy

Many staffing companies will push your resume and contact information all over your desired location to try to get a client interested in you. This can have a very negative impact on your reputation with your peers and current employer. We promise to never reveal your personal contact information (or name) without your permission.

3.) We’ve done this before! We’re not new to Healthcare.

Most healthcare professionals will only work for a small number of employers their entire career. Our team has relationships with thousands of medical groups, hospitals, clinics, physician practices, and surgery centers – we know about many positions before they are even posted. Our team has been a part of the healthcare industry for more than 30 years. This reputation and network enables us to provide value that our less experienced competition simply can’t match.

4.) It’s free for you

We don’t have to tell you that you picked a popular career with outstanding potential for growth. That being said, your skills are very much in demand by employers throughout the US. As a result, these employers are willing to pay VALiNTRY to source talented and experienced healthcare professionals for their open positions. Our services are always free for the candidate. We also carry full liability insurance. So if you’re a VALiNTRY employee, you don’t need to have your own Professional Liability insurance.

5.) We are one of the “good guys”

We know the staffing industry has a sometimes unsavory reputation. However, we are award winners. At a previous company, we were named to Entrepreneur magazine’s “Hot 500” – one of the fastest growing companies in America. Here at VALiNTRY, we have been named a “Best Places to Work” by The Orlando Business Journal, a “Florida Company to Watch,” and a “Best Staffing Firms to Work For” by Staffing Industry Analysts, our industry’s most prestigious publication. We succeed by treating our internal People, Candidates, and Clients the way we’d want to be treated. While what we do doesn’t come close to the lifesaving work you do, we also abide by the Hippocratic Oath.

How to Begin Your Relationship with VALiNTRY

To get started, it’s easy. We have a variety of ways to work with VALiNTRY.:


Why did we start VALiNTRY?

Valintry's Founders

Our decades of experience in consulting, healthcare, marketing, technology, and staffing have enabled us to develop a transformational business model that delivers extraordinary results for our Clients.

Like you, we have fought operational complexity, dated technologies, increased regulations and the rising costs of doing business. The solutions made available always fell short, but collaboratively, we have created a new business model that can provide qualified staff and is able to blend a combination current technologies to address specific business needs quickly and efficiently.

“VALiNTRY knows how to run a project, with the ability to see through the minutiae and focus on what really mattered, which got everyone else focused on solutions.”

— Jim S, CIO, Healthcare Insurance Industry

VALiNTRY is a diverse and experienced team of technology, marketing and staffing professionals that are committed to fighting for each Client’s business success.

Why should you work with us?The 2015 Winter Photo of the VALiNTRY Team

We live our VALues.

Our founders came together to create a hybrid organization that assembled the best features of our former employers. Like many entrepreneurs, we thought we could start a company that is better, and while we know we have more room to grow, we think we are attracting the best and brightest technology consultants as a result of our adherence to our values and principles.

We have street cred.

We have grown because our recruitment team is experienced. We’ve been staffing and consulting with companies of all sizes and industries with hundreds of years of combined experience. Plus, we’re not here to make a quick buck. If you’ve worked with some of our “competitors,” you know that there are many small firms that buy a list or get a LinkedIn subscription and think they can do IT staffing. We take our Industry and role much more seriously and invest in training for our Recruitment and Account Management Teams.

We have the best technology.

Chances are, you found us looking for a job or IT consultant online. That wasn’t an accident. We’ve assembled the best recruitment tools, we scour the web for new opportunities, and our internal operations support systems make us “better, faster, and stronger” than our competitors. Plus, we continue to invest to make sure we stay at the top of the game!

Our V-FITT Recruitment System.

V-FITT stands for “VALiNTRY Finance and IT Talent” and this proprietary system combines a variety of best-of-breed technologies to create a competitive advantage for VALiNTRY and our Clients. As a result of our system, we have collected more than 850,000 candidate resumes that match our Clients’ open positions – in a little more than just one year. And the system continues to evolve and gets smarter – only showing the best match candidates to our recruitment team. This allows us to find the right Talent for the Client – faster than our competition.

We Give Back!

Collectively, VALiNTRY and its associates are proud to give back to the Community – with our time and our resources. We especially enjoy giving back to organizations that support Technology, Education, and Job Seekers.


VALiNTRY Associates would like to share the organizations they support: