Tips for Finding Physician Assistant Jobs with the Help of a Staffing Agency

  7/26/16    Posted in Physician Assistant

Physician Assistants work in all 50 states along with the District of Columbia. They work on medical teams along with doctors and other professionals to provide care to patients. The Physician Assistant (PA) takes a person’s medical history and complete an exam of the individual. He or she diagnoses illnesses and develops a treatment plan, orders tests when needed, interprets the results, and counsels patients on preventative care. In addition, a physician assistant may help in surgery, do rounds in the hospital or nursing home, and write prescriptions. Physician Assistant Jobs vary based on the facility in which the PA works, the specialty of the individual, the person’s experience level, and the laws of the state in which they practice. VALiNTRY helps PAs find a job they love and enjoy every day.

Who Pays For The Service?

When choosing a staffing agency, determine who will pay any fees. This depends on the firm chosen, as some charge the client and the employer. Others merely charge the employer, as the organization is the one in need of workers. The representative should work for the client also, however, in this situation, offering resources and advice to the prospective employee to improve their chances of obtaining the job. The job of the agency is to help employers find the right person for their position and the employee to find a job meeting their criteria. Be sure to consider this when selecting an agency to work with. To be clear, VALiNTRY will never charge the clinician or Physician Assistant for our services. 

Why Use An Agency?

PA Jobs may appear to be plentiful, yet some organizations don’t advertise using traditional methods. They only work with an agency to find the employees they need, thus individuals using the firm have an edge over others in the field. In addition, the firm helps the candidate polish their resume and set up interviews. During the interview process, the agent helps the client define their goals, identify their skills and determine what they are looking for in a job. This helps to eliminate those positions that aren’t suitable for the candidate, and the recruiter from the agency is familiar with the positions being offered. This helps them find the right match also. Individuals find this to be of great help, as most job descriptions lack information a candidate needs to determine if it is a job they would like. VALiNTRY offers these and numerous other services to help both employees and employers with this task.


Depending on the agency a person chooses to work with, the representative may handle negotiations for the candidate. Regardless of what the agency actually handles, they will be happy to provide advice on how and when to negotiate and also provide information on how to address any issues that arise. The goal of the agency is to make a good connection between an employer and employee. When they do so, everyone is happy, and the employer will use the company again. The client may also as they move ahead in their career. In addition, both will provide a positive review of the agency, and this is the best recommendation of all.

Working With An Employment Agency

PA-C jobs may be abundant, but this doesn’t necessarily mean there are good candidates for these jobs. When working with an agency, prospective employees need to remember this. To truly stand out and make an impression, individuals need to be up front and honest at all times. It’s okay to work with multiple agencies, but be sure to share this information with all parties. Agents should do the same and speak to the candidate before sending a resume out. Furthermore, the agency should never send an unsolicited resume to a company. VALiNTRY is an agency that will never submit your resume without your knowledge.

Try to work with a company that is local, as this allows you to meet with the recruiter. Open lines of communication are essential throughout the process. In the event a face-to-face meeting cannot be scheduled, make sure to complete a phone interview and properly prepare as you would for a meeting in person. Simple steps such as this go a long way to helping you obtain your dream job in the location of your choosing.

Physician Assistant Jobs are out there. Individuals who choose to work with a staffing agency find they have access to more jobs than they could find on their own. With the help of VALiNTRY, you can have the job you dream of in less time than you may imagine. VALiNTRY is especially helpful to those who are relocating to a new city and don’t have a professional network yet. If you’re moving cities, or just across town – we can help! Contact us today to begin the process. We help individuals in your situation every day and can do the same for you.