VALiNTRYhealth Values

Valintry's Core Values People Service – enriching and serving our clients, our employees and one another
Accountability – being accountable and responsible to commitments and results
Teamwork – working together to support our team for the greater good
Honesty and Integrity – doing the right things the right way
Innovation – pushing beyond our comfort zones to seek new solutions for ourselves and clients
Transparency – always sharing the “why” and the “outcomes” of things we do


The over the “i” in our logo represents two important characteristics:

1) The lower-case i de-emphasizes the individual; we win as a team, and we lose as a team. It takes everyone, doing their best to succeed.
2) The upside down triangle, represents our inverted organization structure. We put our clients and consultants/contractors before ourselves, with management at the bottom of the priority list.